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Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
DefaultApi apiV1OrdersGet GET /api/v1/orders Get existing orders.
DefaultApi apiV1OrdersPost POST /api/v1/orders Create a new order.
DefaultApi apiV1OrdersUIDDelete DELETE /api/v1/orders/{UID} Cancels order by marking it invalid with a timestamp.
DefaultApi apiV1OrdersUIDGet GET /api/v1/orders/{UID} Get existing order from UID.
DefaultApi apiV1SolvableOrdersGet GET /api/v1/solvable_orders Get solvable orders.
DefaultApi apiV1TokensSellTokenFeeGet GET /api/v1/tokens/{sellToken}/fee The fee that is charged for placing an order. The fee is described by a minimum fee - in order to cover the gas costs for onchain settling - and a feeRatio charged to the users for using the service.
DefaultApi apiV1TradesGet GET /api/v1/trades Get existing Trades.

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization

All endpoints do not require authorization.

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